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All aboard the Egypt Express! If you’re looking for an awesome, affordable trip through Egypt that starts and ends in Cairo, you’re in the right place. See the pyramids and sphinx in Giza, sail on the Nile in a traditional felucca boat, shop in Luxor’s gold markets and tour the Valley of the Kings with a qualified Egyptologist. This is an Egypt experience you’ll never forget. Seriously.

Map of Egypt Express 2020-21 | Topdeck
Faixa Etária
De 18 até 39 anos
Tamanho do Grupo
Até 30 pessoas


Dia 1: Cairo, Egypt

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Umm al-Dunya (that’s ‘the Mother of the World’ to you and me). Drop those bags and get excited for a jam-packed Egyptian adventure! Tonight, meet your fellow Topdeckers and get settled in. You’ll all be mates in no time! Please note: On arrival an airport representative with a Topdeck sign will be waiting to assist you with the visa and immigration process. The cost of the visa is not included. For those eligible for a visa on arrival, this will need to be paid in cash in USD (please check the eligibility for your passport). You will then be transferred from the airport to your hotel to check in.

Atividades Inclusas:
Airport transfer

Dia 2: Cairo

Time to take on Cairo! Not sure where to start? We’ve got two optional extras for you to choose from: take a tour of the Islamic Quarter and check out Red Road, or head out on a day trip to Alexandria. What’s it gonna be?


Atividades Opcionais:
Guided tour of the Islamic Quarter from: 60 USD Day trip to Alexandria from: 80 USD

Dia 3: Cairo to Aswan via Overnight Coach

First up today: a visit to the Egyptian Museum, where a qualified egyptologist will give us the lowdown on King Tutankhamun's treasures. Then: prepare to feel small and insignificant (in the best possible way) as you stand before the Great Pyramid of Giza and the legendary Sphinx. After a day of exploring, we’ll get cosy on an overnight coach to Aswan.


Atividades Inclusas:
Visit the Egyptian Museum See the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza Plateau

Dia 4: Aswan

After this morning’s visit to a traditional ahwa (an Egyptian coffee shop), you’ll be free to take your pick from optional extras a-gogo. Choose from a camel ride, a trip to the Philae Temple or a visit to a Nubian village (complete with delicious dinner). Decisions, decisions!

Breakfast Lunch

Atividades Opcionais:
Visit Philae Temple from: 57 USD Visit a Nubian village (with Nubian dinner) from: 36 USD Camel ride from: 30 USD

Dia 5: Aswan to Felucca Sailing

After a temple-filled day at Abu Simbel, we’ll climb aboard a traditional felucca sailboat and hit the Nile. Pull up a cushion – the adventure’s just beginning!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Atividades Inclusas:
Visit Abu Simbel Felucca sailing (sleeping bag required)

Dia 6: Felucca Sailing

Imagine: The sun on your back, the wind in your cotton sails and the best people you could ever hope to meet sharing stories, food and music in one cushion-strewn love-in. This is the life!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Atividades Inclusas:
Felucca sailing (sleeping bag required)

Dia 7: Felucca Sailing to Luxor

Today it’s bye-bye to the boat as we step off in Luxor (aka the world’s largest open-air museum). But first: a pit stop at Kom Ombo and an optional look at the Karnak and Luxor Temples.


Atividades Inclusas:
Visit Kom Ombo Temple

Atividades Opcionais:
Visit Karnak and Luxor temples: from 70 USD

Dia 8: Luxor to Hurghada

Lose yourself in the Valley of the Kings, give a silent high five to Queen Hatshepsut (who ruled ancient Egypt for 20 years) and snap a selfie at the Colossi of Memnon before we hit the road to Hurghada.


Atividades Inclusas:
Visit the Valley of the Kings Visit the Temple of Hatshepsut Visit the Colossi of Memnon

Dia 9: Hurghada to Cairo

Did someone say beach? That’s right! This morning is all yours to stretch out on the sand and soak up the sun. Pro tip: there are also some incredible coral reefs to look at here. Whatever you choose to do, make the most of it - we’ll be heading back to Cairo this afternoon!


Atividades Opcionais:
Giftun Island trip from: 60 USD

Dia 10: Cairo

The adventure may be over after breakfast, but feel free to stick around. After all, Cairo’s got plenty to keep you occupied!

Breakfast Entrance Fees Entrance fees need to be paid locally in Egypt. If you have a valid student card, remember to bring it with you as you will receive discounts to some museums and monuments. You can expect entrance fees for your whole trip be to between 507 EGP - 1547 EGP. Felucca Sailboats Feluccas are traditional Egyptian sailing boats that have been used as transport up and down the Nile for centuries. A felucca ride is very relaxing, as it’s a simple boat with no engine or modern conveniences. You sleep on cushioned mattresses at all t During winter months it can get relatively cold on the river, especially at night. It can even rain! We advise passengers to bring a jacket or warm windcheater during these months. Daytime temperatures during these months are, on the whole, very pleasant. You should be aware that there are no toilet facilities on the felucca, nor on the banks of the Nile where we stop regularly. Bring toilet paper with you and leave your modesty at home! Please note: While we believe that felucca sailing is a relaxing and traditional way to experience the Nile, it may not be suitable for all travellers. Please be aware that we do offer the 9 Day Nile Discovery trip, featuring a five-star Nile cruise ship. Important note on Ramadan As many Middle Eastern countries are of Islamic faith, it is important to remember that lots of restaurants and shops will either be closed or operating on reduced hours during Ramadan. As a result, some optional and included activities on your trip may b Ramadan, which takes place in either April, May or June, is an incredibly important and sacred month for Muslims. When equipped with some basic knowledge, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in this special tradition and experience all its highli

O que está incluso

  • Acomodação

    -6 nights in hotels (twin-share), 2 nights aboard a felucca sailboat, 1 night aboard an overnight coach

  • Refeições
    9 breakfasts
    3 lunches
    2 dinners
  • Transporte

    Air-conditioned coach or minibus, felucca sailboat

  • Serviços Adicionais
    Visit the Egyptian Museum
    See the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza Plateau
    Visit Abu Simbel
    Felucca sailing (sleeping bag required)
    Visit Kom Ombo Temple
    Visit the Valley of the Kings
    Visit the Temple of Hatshepsut
    Visit the Colossi of Memnon

Não Incluso

  • Passagem Aérea

    Passagem aérea de ida e volta para o Brasil NÃO inclusa no valor apresentado.
    Você pode organizar seus vôos separadamente da maneira que preferir.

    No link a seguir você encontra os melhores valores de passagem do Brasil para o seu destino

    Os transportes dos trechos internos já estão inclusos.

  • Seguro Viagem / Saúde

    Seguro viagem NÃO incluso.

    O nosso time de pós vendas está a disposição para você encaminhar orçamentos com as melhores coberturas do mercado e um desconto especial para você cliente Descubra o Mundo!

  • Passeios Opcionais

    -Guided tour of the Islamic Quarter from: 60 USD

    -Day trip to Alexandria: from 80 USD

    -Visit Philae Temple: from 57 USD

    -Visit a Nubian village (with Nubian dinner): from 36 USD

    -Camel ride: from 30 USD

    -Visit Karnak and Luxor temples: from 70 USD


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18:00 em Cairo


09:00 em Cairo

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  • Middle East & North Africa
  • 10 Dias
  • 14 Refeições
    9 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners,
  • Explorer

Experiências Inclusas

  • Visit the Egyptian Museum
  • See the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza Plateau
  • Visit Abu Simbel
  • Felucca sailing (sleeping bag required)
  • Visit Kom Ombo Temple
  • Visit the Valley of the Kings
  • Visit the Temple of Hatshepsut
  • Visit the Colossi of Memnon
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