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Japan is an epic mix of the traditional and the ultra-modern. Robot bars, too-big-for-the-bowl udon, a Buddhist prayer service and the Hiroshima Peace Museum are just some activities that will introduce you to The Land of the Rising Sun.

Map of Japan Highlights 2020-21 | Topdeck
Faixa Etária
De 18 até 39 anos
Tamanho do Grupo
Até 20 pessoas


Dia 1: Tokyo, Japan

You’re in Tokyo, baby! Meet the group and dive into a full day city tour. Spot the Senso-ji Temple and wander along the nearby 500-year-old Nakamise shopping street selling mochi (sticky rice cakes) and geta (wooden shoes). There’s also Akihabara for the anime fans and the fashionable Shinjuku and Harajuku districts to explore. Don’t forget to walk the famous Shibuya crossing or see the Meiji Shrine while you’re at it. Phew! What. A. Day. Hungry? Thought so. Bond with your trip mates over dinner. It’s gonna be an awesome 12 days!


Atividades Inclusas:
Full day city tour

Dia 2: Tokyo

Today is a free day in Tokyo. Stuck for ideas? Join in with an optional sushi making experience or hop across the unique patchwork of districts that makes up Tokyo’s cityscape and, for a taste of tradition, visit the Imperial Palace and its surrounding gardens. In the evening, wander the futuristic neon-lit streets or spend your night in Shinjuku – there are endless restaurants, bars, clubs and karaoke joints here. Wanna go out with the group? Take the option to visit the Robot Restaurant. Yes, it’s a thing.


Atividades Opcionais:
Sushi making experience from: 8824 JPY Visit the Robot Restaurant from: 9,000 JPY

Dia 3: Tokyo

Today, why not take an optional day trip to the happiest place on earth: Tokyo Disneyland. Be sure to leave space in your suitcase for all of the Disney merchandise! Mickey not your thing? There’s an optional day trip to Mount Fuji to jump on board with!


Atividades Opcionais:
Visit Tokyo Disneyland from: 8,600 JPY Day trip to Mount Fuji

Dia 4: Tokyo to Takayama

This morning pack your bags ‘cos we’re travelling on the bullet train to the beautiful Japanese Alps. You’ll visit the Hida folk village when you get there. Why not finish off the day with an optional foodie activity? There’s Hida beef on the menu if you want it.


Atividades Inclusas:
Train ticket Visit the Hida folk village

Atividades Opcionais:
Hida beef dinner from: 4,500 JPY

Dia 5: Takayama

Start off the day at the morning riverside markets. Then, get your walking shoes on ‘cos we’ll be ticking off Takayama Jin'ya (a former government outpost) and visiting a sake brewery to try some of the famous Japanese rice wine. Tonight, be sure to check out the local onsen where you can relax in the hot springs. Aaaaand relax...


Atividades Inclusas:
Visit morning riverside markets Half-day tour of Takayama Visit a sake brewery

Atividades Opcionais:
Traditional Onsen experience

Dia 6: Takayam to Hiroshima via Miyajima

Jump on a ferry to Miyajima to see the island’s wild deer – cute! You can also check out the Itsukushima Shrine. A sunset at this spot is just the ticket to round off the day, so keep your phones charged for some pretty snaps.


Atividades Inclusas:
Ferry to Miyajima

Dia 7: Hiroshima to Osaka

Before leaving Hiroshima, visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum where you can learn about the atomic bombing during World War II. Later, we’re headed to Osaka. Tonight, you’ll get the chance to rest your head in a traditional Buddhist temple.

Breakfast Dinner

Atividades Inclusas:
Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum

Dia 8: Osaka

There’s the chance to participate in a Buddhist prayer service this morning then the afternoon is yours to explore. Why not check out one of the numerous museums, hit the streets for some epic shopping or try the local food. With one of the biggest food scenes in Japan, you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Atividades Inclusas:
Buddhist prayer ceremony

Dia 9: Osaka to Kyoto

We’re making tracks to Japan’s traditional capital, Kyoto. Home to over 2,000 temples and shrines this place certainly ticks all the spiritual boxes. Today, we’ll visit the beautiful Fushimi Inari Shrine – you’re Instagram is going to light up with likes after this!

Atividades Inclusas:
Visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine

Dia 10: Kyoto

Start off with a guided tour of Kyoto. Tick off the Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion before moving on to the sprawling Arashiyama bamboo forest and the Togetsu-kyo bridge to find your zen place (and your next Instagram post). Fancy yourself a foodie? You’re in luck, as we’ll pop by the Nishiki Market next. In the afternoon, it’s off to Nijo Castle before finishing up with a quick visit to the Gion district. What a day!


Atividades Inclusas:
Kyoto city tour

Dia 11: Kyoto

A free day to explore, whoo! You could always go on a day trip to Nara for more cute deer, beautiful nature and majestic temples. Later, you can dress up as a samurai or opt in for a Ramen making class. Want more? Kyoto's got a big student population, so why not get amongst the fun when day turns to night at a local bar? Tonight, there's a group dinner to round off the trip. We won't blame you for getting emotional...

Breakfast Dinner

Atividades Opcionais:
Dress as a Geisha or samurai from: 9,600 JPY

Dia 12: Kyoto

After breakfast it’s sayonara to the Land of the Rising Sun. Swap numbers and plan that next adventure together.

Breakfast On this trip you’ll be travelling like a local... by train! This means a bit of walking between stations and hotels so we recommend packing light with a backpack or small case.

O que está incluso

  • Acomodação

    - 9 nights in hotels, 2 nights in a temple lodge

  • Refeições
    10 breakfasts
    0 lunches
    3 dinners
  • Transporte

    High speed trains and public transport

  • Serviços Adicionais
    Visit the Senso-ji Temple
    Walk the Shibuya crossing
    Visit Akihabara
    Visit Harajuku
    Visit the Itsukushima Shrine
    Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum
    Visit a sake brewery
    Visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine

Não Incluso

  • Passagem Aérea

    Passagem aérea de ida e volta para o Brasil NÃO inclusa no valor apresentado.
    Você pode organizar seus vôos separadamente da maneira que preferir.

    No link a seguir você encontra os melhores valores de passagem do Brasil para o seu destino

    Os transportes dos trechos internos já estão inclusos.

  • Seguro Viagem / Saúde

    Seguro viagem NÃO incluso.

    O nosso time de pós vendas está a disposição para você encaminhar orçamentos com as melhores coberturas do mercado e um desconto especial para você cliente Descubra o Mundo!

  • Passeios Opcionais

    -Visit Tokyo Disneyland from: 8,600 JPY

    -Sushi making experience from: 8824 JPY

    -Day Trip to Mt Fuji from:

    -Visit the Robot Restaurant from: 9,000 JPY

    -Hida beef dinner from: 4,500 JPY

    -Traditional Onsen experience from:

    -Ramen making class from: 3500 JPY

    -Dress as a Geisha or samurai from: 9,600 JPY


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08:00 em Tokyo


09:00 em Kyoto

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Experiências Inclusas

  • Visit the Senso-ji Temple
  • Walk the Shibuya crossing
  • Visit Akihabara
  • Visit Harajuku
  • Visit the Itsukushima Shrine
  • Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum
  • Visit a sake brewery
  • Visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine
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