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Two weeks. Two of the most slap-you-in-the-face-unbelievable countries you’ll ever experience. Who’s ready to go exploring? You know it, we know it - even the carved faces at the Bayon temple know it. Vietnam and Cambodia are famous the world over for their mind-blowing natural beauty, ancient architecture and unique cultures. And this trip? It's here to help you see the very best that both have to offer. We’re talking amazing cities. Fascinating history. Tropical scenery. Food that could actually change your life. Need we go on?

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De 18 até 39 anos
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Até 24 pessoas


Dia 1: Hanoi, Vietnam

Blaring horns. French colonial buildings. Picturesque lakes. And the smell of incense in the air. Welcome to historic Hanoi! Meet the gang and kick things off with a DE-licious street food tour through the Old Quarter. Our in-the-know Trip Leader will take us to all the local spots for bánh mì, pho, spring rolls and egg coffee – trust us, it’s good. Then: head to Bai Hoi (aka Beer Corner). No guesses how this place got its name. Pull up a roadside stool with a cold Bia Hà N?i and get to know the gang – we might be a mixed bunch, but we’re all in it together. Cheers to that!


Atividades Inclusas:
Street food tour in Hanoi

Dia 2: Hanoi

Ready to delve deeper into this incredible city? We thought so. Slip on the Birks and take a wander with your Trip Leader – ticking off the likes of One Pillar Pagoda, Lenin Park, Northern Gate, Cua Bac Church, B52 Lake and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (you can visit later, if you like). Then, head to a local bún ch? eatery for lunch. How many spring rolls is too many? Stupid question. What you do this afternoon is 100% up to you, but if you’re chasing that off-the-beaten-path experience – jump aboard a locally guided Vespa tour. History buffs should check out Hoa Lo Prison. Catch a water puppet show at Thang Long theatre. Or stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake before hunting down a local hole-in-the-wall for a bowl of pho.

Breakfast Lunch

Atividades Inclusas:
Walking tour of Hanoi

Atividades Opcionais:
Locally guided Vespa tour of Hanoi from: 1,790,000 VND

Dia 3: Hanoi to Halong Bay

Halong Bay: World Heritage Site. The jewel in Vietnam’s crown. One of the ‘New 7 Wonders of Nature’. Whichever way you look at it, Halong Bay is pretty damn special. So, today we’re gonna do it properly with an overnight junk boat cruise. Spend the day swimming in glittering turquoise water, exploring limestone islands from a kayak, soaking in our outdoor jacuzzi, saluting the sun with yoga on the upper deck and dancing into the sunset with the gang. This? This is what makes the memories. *Heads up! If you selected twin share accommodation for this trip, you might be bunking with an extra person for the duration of the cruise. The more the merrier, right?

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Atividades Inclusas:
Overnight junk boat cruise in Halong Bay

Dia 4: Halong Bay to Hoi An

How’s the head this morning? Shake off last night’s cocktails with a refreshing dip and hearty breakfast. We’re moving on to ancient Hoi An. The flight to Danang is your chance to catch up on some zzz’s, swap banging tunes with your trip mates and text the ‘rents (you'll be too busy later, trust us). Tonight, we’ll have free time to explore the lantern-filled magic of Hoi An Old Town and tuck into a bowl of cao lau (a local specialty) along the river. This is what you came for.


Atividades Inclusas:
Domestic flight to Hoi An

Dia 5: Hoi An

You wanted more free time to explore. So, here it is. Need some suggestions? Hop on a countryside cycling tour and get a taste of local life as you pass rows of rice fields, thatched roof cottages and regional villagers going about their day-to-day. Plus, try your hand at crab catching aboard a bamboo basket boat and master the art of lantern making while you’re at it. Or opt in for a cooking class. Your papaya salad is sure to impress the Tinder matches back home. Rather do your own thing? Explore the buzzing Central Market. Get a custom piece made by the city’s famous tailors. Cycle to An Bang Beach for all the chilled boho vibes. Take a banh mi to the ancient Japanese Bridge. Then, get lost amongst the glow of colour at the night market.


Atividades Opcionais:
Half day countryside cycling tour from: 936,000 VND Cooking class from: 580,000 VND

Dia 6: Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City

Snag a window seat and wave goodbye to Hoi An – we’re setting the flight path for Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). Touch down, dump your stuff at the hotel and get exploring. A capital with nearly 9 million people, HCMC is a bubbling pot of energy, excitement and hidden gems. Explore the French colonial architecture of District 1. Head to Ben Thanh Market for some night shopping. Mingle with the locals (and in-the-know tourists) over a cold beer at Bui Vien. Or get stuck into an optional street eats tour of Nguyen Dinh Chieu. Expect: Vietnamese pancakes. Bánh xèo. Local shellfish. Rice paper pizza. And the city’s specialty – com tam. *wipes drool from chin*.


Atividades Inclusas:
Domestic flight to Ho Chi Minh City

Atividades Opcionais:
Street food tour in Ho Chi Minh city from: 850,000 VND

Dia 7: Ho Chi Minh City

Pull out your history hat – we’re off to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels. Surrounded by jungle that was once a stronghold of the Viet Cong, take a guided tour of the area and learn all about how this underground network was used by guerilla fighters during the Vietnam War. Lunch back in HCMC is on us, then the rest is all you – but if you need suggestions, there’s a walking tour of Chinatown and the energetic Bình Tây Market on offer. Fancy yourself as a bit of a beer connoisseur? Sign up for a tour and tasting at a local brewery. The Master Brewer will show you around before you get stuck into a selection of the brewery’s best liquid gold. Sweet! Tonight, head to Relish & Sons and ask for the ‘Com Tam’ burger. So good, you’ll order two.

Breakfast Lunch

Atividades Inclusas:
Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels

Atividades Opcionais:
Local brewery tour and tasting from: 510,000 VND Walking tour of Chinatown and Bình Tây Market: prices available locally

Dia 8: Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

No lies, it’s an early wakeup call this morning. But you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on some zzz’s as we roll into Cambodia! Ancient wonders. Serene landscapes. And a fascinatingly diverse history – Cambodia delivers on all fronts. Kick things off in Phnom Penh with a sobering visit to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum – documenting the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge during their ‘revolution’. Then, we’ll take to the water for a sunset cruise on the mighty Mekong. This is what you came for. Finish up the day some sizzling street food along Sihanouk Boulevard or head to Le Moon for views over the river and delish cocktails. Bliss.


Atividades Inclusas:
Visit Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum Sunset cruise on the Mekong Delta

Dia 9: Phnom Penh to Koh Rong

Rise and shine – the postcard-perfect beaches of Koh Rong are calling! Stock up on snacks, send your ‘rents a text and bust out the bangers as we roll into Sihanoukville. We’ll trade our wheels for a speed boat before beaching up on the shores of island paradise. Then? The rest is 100% up to you. Grab a coconut and get horizontal under the shade of swaying palm trees. Or hire a bike and find your bearings around the island. Tonight, kick back, relax and enjoy the sunset with powdery white sand between your toes.


Dia 10: Koh Rong

Hear that? It’s the sound of a full 24 hours to embrace allll the relaxed island vibes. What you do is totally up to you but if you need some suggestions, your in-the-know Trip Leader has a few. Hire a kayak and get exploring. Strap on the snorkel and help find Nemo. Trek to Sok San for a remote hideaway. Or simply get comfy beach-side with a good read. It’s your day, your way. Tonight’s your last chance to lap up those uninterrupted sunset views – so get the gang together and head to the beach. This is livin’.


Dia 11: Koh Rong to Siem Reap

There’s time for one last dip before we speed back to the mainland. Fasten your seatbelts and identify your closest emergency exit – we’ll touchdown in Siem Reap this afternoon with plenty of time to spare for the BEST optional activities. Channel your inner Tarzan and Jane as you zipline through the jungle. Or get a taste of local life on a sunset quad biking tour through the countryside. There’s even an evening under the big top with the Cambodian Circus on offer. Can’t say we don’t spoil you! Tonight, pick up a souvenir or two from Angkor Night Market or experience the crazy that is Pub Street. Just don’t go too hard – tomorrow is packed with memory-makers that you’re not gonna want to miss.


Atividades Inclusas:
Domestic flight to Siem Reap

Atividades Opcionais:
Sunset quad bike tour from: 32 USD Phare Circus show and workshop from: 35 USD Ziplining from: 165 USD

Dia 12: Siem Reap

Ready for a real-life temple run? This is it. First up: the Angkor Thom Complex. Venture through Angkor Thom’s statue-lined South Gate, the intricately decorated Bayon Temple and check out the Elephant Terrace with your expert Trip Leader. Then it’s onto Ta Prohm – a ruin filled with crumbling towers and overgrown tree roots. Think: Tomb Raider. Refuel and rehydrate – next we’re headed for Angkor Wat Temple. The biggest temple complex in the world, ‘otherworldly’ doesn’t even come close to describing this place. And just when you thought this day couldn’t get any better – we’ll climb to the top of Pre Rup Temple for incredible jungle views and a sunset to remember. Cue: all the goosebumps.


Atividades Inclusas:
Visit the Angkor complex Watch the sunset at Angkor Wat

Dia 13: Siem Reap

And just like that, it’s over. Two weeks of incredible adventures with a pack of strangers who are now like family. Get down to breakfast and swap those socials – you’ll need them for next year’s reunion trip. Where to next? Bali? Japan? Sri Lanka? Meals -Breakfast

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    -9 nights in hotels, 2 nights in hostels (double or twin share), 1 night on a junk boat

  • Refeições
    11 breakfasts
    3 lunches
    2 dinners
  • Transporte

    Modern air-conditioned vehicle. Domestic flights. Overnight boat cruise.

  • Serviços Adicionais
    Street food tour in Hanoi
    Walking tour of Hanoi
    Overnight junk boat cruise in Halong Bay
    Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels
    Visit Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
    Sunset cruise on the Mekong Delta
    Visit the Angkor Complex
    Watch the sunset at Angkor Wat

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  • Passeios Opcionais

    -Locally guided Vespa tour of Hanoi from: 1,790,000 VND

    -Half day countryside cycling tour in Hoi An from: 680,000 VND

    -Cooking class in Hoi An from: 600,000 VND

    -Street food tour in HCMC from: 850,000 VND

    -Walking tour of Chinatown and Bình Tây Market: prices available locally

    -Local brewery tour and tasting in HCMC from: 510,000 VND

    -Sunset quad bike tour in Seam Reap from: 32 USD

    -Phare Circus show and workshop in Seam Reap from: 35 USD

    -Ziplining in Seam Reap from: 165 USD


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09:00 em Siem Reap

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  • Street food tour in Hanoi
  • Walking tour of Hanoi
  • Overnight junk boat cruise in Halong Bay
  • Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Visit Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
  • Sunset cruise on the Mekong Delta
  • Visit the Angkor Complex
  • Watch the sunset at Angkor Wat
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