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They say that all roads lead to Rome; if that's the case then it's also true that some routes are far more interesting than others! Make your way from London to the 'Eternal City' and discover the true essence of Europe along the way. From the fashionable streets of Paris and stunning scenery of Switzerland to the opulent extravagance of Monte Carlo, this short tour lays Western Europe bare in all her glory!

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Dia 1: Rome, Italy

Three classic Western European countries. Some pretty sick optional activities. All the inclusions you actually want. And a mix of people as keen as you to experience every moment to the fullest. The next ten days? Unforgettable. Meet the crew in Rome and strap in for one helluva walking tour. We’re talking a solid few hours of non-stop sights, off-the-tourist-trail hidden gems and a run-down of almost 3000 years of history. Pass by the Pantheon, (don’t) sit on the Spanish Steps, check out the mighty Colosseum and throw your two cents in the Trevi Fountain. Then, you're in carb-loaded Disneyland for foodies so tonight’s included dinner is gonna’ be good.


Atividades Inclusas:
Walking tour of Rome Rome Metro tickets

Dia 2: Rome

Vespas. Espresso. Two-cheek kisses. Aggressive hand gestures. And pizza the way it's supposed to taste. Here’s a free day we prepared earlier. Get lost amongst two-and-a-half millennia worth of history. Head up Capitoline Hill for awesome views. Grab a bite at Lost Food Factory (arguably one of the best sandwich spots in town). Or do as the locals do and indulge in a little dolce far niente (delicious idleness) at a local cafe or piazza. Tonight, put those elastic waistbands to the test – we’re talking alllll the carbs. Thought you’d found the one gelato flavour to rule them all? Head to Fatamorgana – and think again.


Dia 3: Rome to Florence

Florence has more stories than you can poke a stick at, more culture than a Melbourne hipster, AND it gave the world David (putting dad bods to shame since 1504). We’ll get the lay of the land on an in-depth walking tour with a local guide. Then: you’ve got free time to stroll along the Arno River and watch the sunset, before dinner. Did someone say karaoke? If you’re feeling it, join the gang in a battle of the classics at the bar later. Or hunt down a gelateria for round two of the good stuff – we mentioned it was invented here, right?

Breakfast Dinner

Atividades Inclusas:
Walking tour of Florence with a local guide

Dia 4: Florence to Venice

Rise and shine! You’ve got this morning to tick those Florence A-listers off. Uffizi Gallery. Ponte Vecchio. Piazza della Signoria. The Duomo. You can’t see it all, but you sure as hell can try! Then: we'll park up in the birthplace of Vivaldi later this afternoon. Acquaint yourself with the who's who of Venice's usual suspects on a walking tour – ticking off the likes of St Mark's Square, Doge’s Palace and Accademia Bridge. Then, the rest is up to you. Our suggestion? Embrace the moment and enjoy a spritz overlooking one of Venice’s fuchsia-pink sunsets.


Atividades Inclusas:
Venice bus tickets Venice shuttle train tickets Walking tour of Venice

Atividades Opcionais:
Get a personalised trip T-shirt or hoodie: from €21

Dia 5: Venice

You know it as The Floating City, but this place is actually sinking (slowly). So get cracking! Do the obvious and take an optional gondola ride down the Grand Canal. Head off the tourist trail with a trip to Giudecca Island. Seek out the quirky Libreria Acqua Alta bookshop. Or hunt down the perfect gelato. Centuries-old architecture. Inventive cuisine. And a bucket-load of culture. Kudos if you get lost – that’s what it’s all about. For dinner tonight, score a cheap meal at Osteria Al Portego or take to the back streets – you’re bound to find something delicious.


Atividades Inclusas:
Vaporetto ride

Atividades Opcionais:
Gondola ride: from €20

Dia 6: Venice to Swiss Alps, Switzerland

No lies, today’s drive is long. BUT you’ve got banging tunes and scenic views to keep you occupied – not to mention your sick AF trip mates. Home to the ‘Top of Europe’, rushing waterfalls and one of the largest nature conservations in Switzerland – tonight we're bunking down in the lush valley of Lauterbrunnen. Hear that? It’s the sound of jaws dropping to the floor as we drive pass some EPIC scenery. After dinner, sit back in the fresh Alpine air and enjoy the moment. This is what you came for.

Breakfast Dinner

Dia 7: Swiss Alps

If the Swiss Alps had a Tinder bio it would read: fun-filled outdoor enthusiast – looking for a fellow adrenaline junkie to share adventures with. Swiping right? Hell yes. Hiking. Mountain biking. Skydiving. Helicopter-ing. This place has it all. More of a thrill-dodger? Slip on the Birks and go chasing waterfalls (TLC were wrong). Or hop aboard the Jungfraubahn railway for an optional visit to the Jungfrau Mountain summit. Whatever you choose – you’re not gonna be bored here.


Atividades Opcionais:
Scenic excursion to Jungfrau ('The Top of Europe'): from CHF 161.80 - 189.60 Skydiving in the Swiss Alps: from CHF 390 (plus €50 deposit) Scenic helicopter ride in the Swiss Alps: from CHF 100 (plus €20 deposit)

Dia 8: Swiss Alps to Paris, France

Ok, don’t panic – we’ve only got two days left. But there’s still one ICONIC European city calling our name. Plug Par-ee into the GPS and use the ride to share snaps with your new mates, catch up on some zzzzs and text the 'rents. Who’s got the AUX cord? The home of the Mona Lisa, pointy monuments and all your cream-filled, carb-loaded faves – Paris has earnt its rep as the European capital for all things culture, fashion and food. Tick off all the showstoppers with a driving tour – we’re talking: the Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysées, Place de la Concorde and THAT pointy tower. Tonight, we’ll get the gang together for an included dinner – time to see if French cuisine really lives up to the rep.

Breakfast Dinner

Atividades Inclusas:
Driving tour of Paris

Dia 9: Paris

You’re finally here. So, we’ve given you 24hrs to make every second count à Paris. Create a solid dent in your bucket list with a visit to the Louvre (book your tickets in advance!) and the Musée d'Orsay. Flash some plastic along the Champs Elysées. Discover the hidden gems down Paris’s back-streets. Get lost amongst the shelves of history at Shakespeare and Co. Bookshop. Cover more ground on an optional bike tour. Or skip leg day altogether and soak up the Parisian vibes on an optional Seine river cruise before throwing the sparkling-feather-covered-acrobatic cherry on top with an optional evening at the cabaret. This place invented the Cancan, so it’s a must.


Atividades Opcionais:
Parisian cabaret show: from €65 Seine river cruise: from €10 Bike tour of Paris: from €30

Dia 10: Paris to London, England

Get down to breakfast early – we’re crossing the Channel to LDN-town. Swap those Insta handles on the ride and pencil in next year’s reunion trip. What. A. Trip.


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  • Acomodação

    -3 nights in hostels, 6 nights in bungalows at European campsites

  • Refeições
    9 breakfasts
    0 lunches
    4 dinners
  • Transporte

    Modern air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi, including powerpoints for charging electronics

  • Serviços Adicionais
    Walking tour of Rome
    Walking tour of Florence with a local guide
    Walking tour of Venice
    Vaporetto ride
    Driving tour of Paris

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  • Passeios Opcionais

    -Traditional cabaret show: from €65

    -Seine river cruise: from €10

    -Bike tour of Paris: from €30

    -Scenic excursion to Jungfrau ('The Top of Europe'): from 161.80 - 189.60 CHF

    -Skydiving in the Swiss Alps: from 390 CHF (plus €50 deposit)

    -Scenic helicopter ride: from CHF 195 (plus €20 deposit)

    -Get a personalised trip T-shirt or hoodie: from €21

    -Gondola ride: from €20


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  • Walking tour of Rome
  • Walking tour of Florence with a local guide
  • Walking tour of Venice
  • Vaporetto ride
  • Driving tour of Paris
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